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Winter Fitness Goals


Today I am sharing my winter fitness goals for the new year. After the busy holiday season and freezing weather for the past few weeks, I could use extra motivation for my fitness routine. I researched new fitness ideas before writing this post, and one quote stuck with me: “The best exercise is the one you’re not doing.” I’m going to write this down and tack it on the wall in sparkly glitter above my desk – this is exactly what I need to keep in mind post-holidays as I work on my fitness in the new year. Any exercise I finish is better than none, and it’s time to try new things!



I have three winter fitness goals this year, including trying new exercise routines, running on a regular basis and signing up for spring road races. This January has been bitterly cold so far in Chicago, with temperatures hovering around zero {or below} every night. My motivation to workout has been lacking so these goals are exactly what I need to kick start my fitness routine. Read on for what I have in mind this season!


Try New Exercise Routines


I love to run but I need to incorporate other types of exercise into my fitness routine. I admit I’m not very good at mixing up my workouts. Despite how popular they are, I have never tried a kettle bell workout or taken a Pilates class. I’m planning to try both and incorporate them into my fitness plan if they’re a good fit. I have taken many yoga classes over the years, but never got into a regular routine. I’m going to try online yoga classes this winter, once per week.


Run on a Regular Basis

I’ll be honest, I’m not going to run outdoors with the amount of snow pack and ice that’s currently on the sidewalks near my house. Instead, I’m going to use my collection of treadmill workouts and cross my fingers for sunny days to melt the snow. I used to post treadmill workouts frequently on this blog and it’s time to take them out of the archives. Here are five treadmill workout ideas:

  1. Speedy Treadmill Workout
  2. Five Step Treadmill Workout
  3. 45 Minute Treadmill Run
  4. 7 Step Treadmill Run
  5. Five Mile Treadmill Run

If I run in the morning, I always drink a small cup of coffee and a large glass of water or two before my workout. I’m going to try something new this winter to save time – substitute a piece of Alert Gum for my coffee when I’m heading outside {or to the treadmill} for a run. I recently received two packages of Alert Caffeine Gum to try and it is awesome! This is a caffeinated chewing gum for adults that comes in two flavors – mint and fruit – and is available for purchase at Walmart or on Amazon. Click here to learn more about Alert gum.


Sign up for Two Spring Road Races

Nothing motivates me to run more than a road race coming up. I run the Shamrock Shuffle 8k race every year in April, but there are other races I would like to try this year as well. Here are a few races I am considering in 2018:


Do you have any winter fitness goals this year?Β 

19 thoughts on “Winter Fitness Goals”

  • Good luck with your goals!! I do a pretty good variety of workouts, but I do need to add some new stuff to my routine. I have a kettle bell but I seldom use it, so that’s also something I need to do a little research on. Yoga….I like it, but still have not developed a love for it (another thing I just need to do more of anyways).

  • I’m in Chicago and WTF with this weather?! I know we should expect it by now, but brrrrrrr! I actually ran OUTSIDE, 6 miles on Wednesday and 5 miles yesterday…IN MY SON’S SNOW PANTS! I felt warm the entire time but it’s slow going in snow pants. HA! Today was a no-go. I’m hoping to get at least 7miles in tomorrow.

  • It’s definitely been a tough winter in Chicago so far to stay active outdoors. I really enjoyed Cinco de Miler when I ran it. The Chicago Spring Half is a fun one as well.

  • I’m totally the same with having a hard time switching up my workouts besides running! It’s definitely on my goal list for 2018 to mix in some serious cross-training and strength training!

  • My winter fitness goal is to do strength training and HIIT training 4x a week and yoga once a week. I’ve been doing my workouts at home the last 6 months which has been great for my schedule.

  • I’ve been running outside in the cold, but most of my runs are in the streets around my neighborhood. There are a couple of bike paths that are clear, so I try to do those too.

  • My winter fitness goals are basically 1) start training for my Half Marathon in Liverpool (that I may change to a full…), 2) keep cross training at the gym 2 x a week (and try at least one new class between now and March) and 3) lose at least 10 lbs before my training Half Marathon in March!

    hope you are not freezing to death over there! I used to live in Chicago and I do NOT envy you guys at all!!

  • I actually started running after I started exercising so I am on the flip side. I love using kettle bells! One of the reasons is because of the versatility of them. What works for me with running or other exercise is I find a goal – run 1 mile without stopping, lift this many pounds, ect. I think your goals are great and look forward to seeing your progress on them!!

  • I’ve been using my treadmill a lot for the last few weeks. I can’t wait to get back outside to run.

    Sounds like you have some good race options – I haven’t even begun to plan my races for the year.

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