Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts


I’m sharing five free online workouts that I plan to incorporate into my weekly fitness schedule this fall.


Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger


Now that Baby C is 10 months old and autumn has officially arrived, I’m looking for motivation to start working out on a regular basis again. Since I went back to work in May, fitting in runs and other workouts has been difficult. I wear a Fitbit every day and walk as much as I can, but it has been a daily struggle for the past few months to do more than that. In order to find my way back to fitness again, I started researching online workout options that I can do at home and signed up for an 8k race in November with a friend – the Hot Cider Hustle.

One of the reasons I am struggling to fit a workout into my daily schedule is because my morning routine is always in flux. Baby C wakes up at a slightly different time everyday and he continues to wake up once {or more} during the night. This means when I am able to fit in a workout in the early morning hours, I need something to get me going as quickly as possible – like a banana with nut butter and cinnamon or a yogurt drink:


Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

We have experienced unseasonably hot weather recently so this cold and creamy yogurt drink is perfect to wake me up with enough protein for a quick morning workout. I found a 4-pack of both Dannon® Oikos® and Dannon® Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks at Walmart in the Dairy section of the grocery store. This yogurt drink is easy to pull out of the refrigerator to enjoy on a hectic morning. These yogurt drinks are also a great source of calcium and Vitamin D.

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Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

5 Free Online Workouts

1: Jenny Ford Step Aerobics Workouts

Step aerobics isn’t the most popular workout, but it involves minimal equipment and doesn’t require very much space. I bought an aerobic step on Amazon last winter and I plan on finally putting it to good use this fall. Jenny Ford is a great free workout channel on YouTube – she has close to 50,000 subscribers and many videos to choose from. This 14 minute video is a great starter for a step workout. My glamorous set-up includes a laptop on my desk chair, but it gets the job done.


Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

2: Jessica Smith TV

Jessica Smith TV offers free online workout videos as well as DVDs for purchase. Workout videos are available on her YouTube channel and website. This 20-Minute Naptime Workout: Barre Fusion will be easy to fit into my schedule and requires minimal equipment.


Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

3: Nike+ Training Club

I have been using the Nike+ Run Club app to track my runs for several years. I should have downloaded the Nike+ Training Club app long ago! Nike offers an amazing series of free workouts on the Training Club app, including strength, endurance, classic, etc. I signed up for a 4-week beginner workout plan via the app, for 2-3 online workouts per week. There are over 100 workouts on the app so this should keep me busy.


Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

4: Do Yoga With Me

I’m skeptical of online yoga but willing to give it a shot – my concern is falling on my head while trying to see what’s happening on the screen. Free online yoga classes from Do Yoga With Me will be a good way to try out yoga at home. I’m not an experienced enough yogi {or let’s be honest, a yogi at all} to recall enough moves for a solo workout without video encouragement.


Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

5: Mini Barre Workouts from Physique 57

I have tried barre workout classes a handful of times over the years. While I think it’s a good workout, attending classes regularly is an expensive habit. Physique 57 offers a series of 15 mini barre workouts that are free and give you an idea what barre classes are all about. I am considering signing up for an online barre subscription, so this is perfect to give barre another try.

Fitness at Home: 5 Free Online Workouts | Chicago Jogger

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