Fall Races in Chicago + Running Recovery


Are you looking for extra motivation to run this fall? I’m sharing a list of twenty upcoming road races in the Chicago area in September, October and November. This post also includes recovery tips that I’m planning to use to ease back into running. Fall races in Chicago + running recovery is detailed below!

Fall Races in Chicago + Running Recovery | Chicago Jogger

As I mentioned in this post, my relationship with running has changed significantly over the past year since baby C joined our family and I’m still working on getting back into a regular routine. I’m one of those people that doesn’t enjoy humid/hot weather for working out. With 60 degree mornings and September around the corner, I have fall on my mind this week. Running in the fall is my favorite time of year to register for a few races. I’m hoping signing up for a race or two helps motivate me to get back out there.

Fall Races in Chicago + Running Recovery | Chicago Jogger

My favorite Chicago area race options are listed below. If a race is schedule outside the city of Chicago, the location is noted next to the registration link.

September Races

Run Mag Mile 10k and 5k – Sept. 9
Naperville Trails Half Marathon {Naperville} – Sept. 10
Brookfield ZooRunRun 5k {Brookfield} – Sept. 10
The Great Pumpkin Run Chicago {Oswego} – Sept. 16
Bucktown 5k – Sept. 17
Chicago Half Marathon and 5k – Sept. 24
The Halloween Hustle 5k {Elk Grove Village} – Sept. 30

October Races

Rosehill Cemetery Crypt 5k – Oct. 7
Ditka Dash 5k – Oct. 14
Scarecrow Scramble 5k {Lisle} – Oct. 14
World’s Largest Corn Maze Run {Spring Grove} – Oct. 15
Pumpkins in the Park 5k – Oct. 21
Monster Dash 5k, 10k and Half Marathon – Oct. 21
Pumpkin Spice 5k – Oct. 22
Frank Lloyd Wright Races 5k, 10k and Youth Mile {Oak Park} – Oct. 22
Chicago Costume Dash – Oct. 28
Hot Chocolate 15k and 5k – Oct. 29

November Races

Hot Cider Hustle – 8 Mile Run and 5k {Wheaton} – Nov. 4
Turkey Trot/Turkey Day Run 8k and 5k – Nov. 23
North Shore Turkey Trot 5k and 10k {Highland Park} – Nov. 23

I’m considering signing up for the Bucktown 5k, Chicago Costume Dash, and/or Hot Cider Hustle. All three would be new races for me. Since I am trying to run on a regular basis again, it’s going to be important for me to prioritize recovery this fall. Three ways I’m planning to recover from runs and other fitness activities include:

1) Staying Hydrated

I carry a water bottle around the house when I work from home, and fill up a large bottle every morning in my office. It’s difficult to recover from running or other workouts when your body isn’t hydrated! Re-hydrating yourself immediately following a run or workout is also important to promote muscle recovery.

2) Incorporating Active Rest Days

I wear a Fitbit Alta everyday and try to keep track of my steps to make sure I’m getting 10,000 per day {or more, if possible} on days I’m not running or doing another workout. Active rest days are important, especially for someone like me with a desk job.

3) Using PROcure Epsom Salt Gel

I find myself much more sore than usual from running since I haven’t been working out on a regular basis. PROcure recently sent me a tube of Epsom Salt Gel to try. This gel includes safe, guilt-free ingredients and helps with aches and pains. I appreciate the fact that the gel is free of fragrance and so easy to use, versus taking the time for a salt soak/bath – I have a 9 month old baby who just figured out how to army crawl. The faster I can get relief the better!

Fall Races in Chicago + Running Recovery | Chicago Jogger

PROcure also offers Bruise Remedy gel. This offers a new way to think about First Aid – and if you’re like me and bruise easily, this is going to become a staple in the bathroom cupboard.

Fall Races in Chicago + Running Recovery | Chicago Jogger

You can find PROcure products at Walmart in the First Aide Aisle, or online at Amazon. Click here to check out the PROcure coupon page.

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