DIY Alphabet Nursery Decor

This DIY Alphabet Nursery Decor craft is simple and inexpensive to make. It’s the perfect wall hanging for a nursery or small child’s bedroom.

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Baby C is almost 3 months old and I finally finished the wall decor in his nursery last week. When it comes to DIY decor, I’m far from crafty. Thankfully this turned out to be a very simple and inexpensive project that required only a few materials and a short amount of time.

Before C was born, I searched for alphabet wall decor and didn’t find much except for expensive canvas hangings and wall stickers. When I found a set of alphabet Eric Carle Flashcards I thought they would be perfect to hang on the wall. The flashcards come in a pack of three, with the alphabet, numbers and math. I’ll save the extra flashcards for future use.

In addition to these alphabet flashcards, you will need:

1) Twine {I used Rope King Twine}

2) Mini clothespins {I used Wooden Pins for Scrapbooking}

3) Push-pins or nails {I used Wooden Globe Thumb Push Pins similar to this set. I found mine at Target.}

To start this project, I cut the twine into three strands – two at 60 inches long and one at 75 inches. I made a small knotted loop at each end of the twine strands, approximately 1 inch in diameter.

I laid the strands on a flat surface {this is the rug in his nursery} and clipped on the alphabet cards using the mini clothespins. I left approximately 3 1/2 inches between each card, and 3 1/2 inches from the end loop.

I also trimmed the twine where needed to avoid twine pieces ending up all over the floor. This is the finished product, before hanging it on the wall:

One thing to note is the mini clothespins I used fall apart easily. I broke a few while making this wall hanging. If you want a more permanent piece of decor, I recommend gluing each alphabet card to the clothespin to avoid any issues.

To hang the alphabet strands, I hammered the push pins into the wall. I decided to hang my alphabet strands 6 inches apart. I didn’t hang them in a straight line because I like the angled look better.

I love Eric Carle’s books and the flashcards are so cute! Here is the before and after in baby C’s room:

This project took me 2 hours to finish. Here are the materials I used:

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