15 Treadmill Workouts for Cold Weather

If you’re planning to stay active during the chilly winter months this season, save this list of 15 Treadmill Workouts for Cold Weather.

Chicago Jogger started as a running blog back in summer 2013, with a few recipes thrown in for good measure. It has now turned into a food blog with occasional running posts. As I mentioned a few months ago, I stopped running in July since K and I are expecting our first baby this year. {Soon…. before Christmas!} I was convinced I would be someone that ran throughout pregnancy, but it didn’t work out that way. I have stayed active by walking as much as possible, with motivation from my Fitbit. For the most part I’m okay with this change and have embraced this new season of life – but I am very excited to start running again once the time is right. The jogging stroller is already set up for you for next spring, Baby. 🙂

Since running has been on my mind lately, I thought it would be a good time to re-share a handful of my favorite treadmill workouts that have been posted on this blog. Even though above-average temperatures are expected in November, winter will arrive eventually and the Farmers’ Almanac forecast is for a “frigid” season. It’s good to be prepared!

Below are links to 15 of my treadmill workouts.

Half Mile Interval Treadmill Run

40 Minute Interval Workout

5 Step Treadmill Workout

45 Minute Treadmill Run

6 Mile Treadmill Run

Increasing Speed Treadmill Workout

5-4-3 Treadmill Workout

Triangle 4-to-1 Treadmill Run

2-3-4-5 Treadmill Run

7 Step Treadmill Run

6-5-4-3 Treadmill Workout

5 Mile Treadmill Run

45 Minute Treadmill Run

Nike+ Run Club Speed Run Workout

Speedy Treadmill Workout

Do you run on the treadmill?

What’s your favorite way to stay fit during winter months?

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