Run 10 Feed 10 10k Training Plan

Fall is my favorite season to run due to cooler temperatures and the lack of humidity. Now that we have reached mid-September, the number of races I want to run in the coming months keeps getting longer! I have at least two coming up in October – a destination race in Door County {Wisconsin} on October 10th, the Run Wild Quarter Marathon, and the Run 10 Feed 10 10k race in Chicago on October 17th. The Run 10 Feed 10 10k race is one month from today, so I’m sharing my four week 10k training plan that starts tonight.

{Image courtesy of Women’s Health magazine}

Run 10 Feed 10 is a partnership with Women’s Health magazine and the FEED Foundation, a non-profit organization fighting hunger and malnutrition around the world. Run 10 Feed 10 races are held in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. As part of each race registration, ten meals are donated to those going hungry in the local community. The fourth annual Chicago Run 10 Feed 10 10k race takes place at Diversey Harbor on Saturday, October 17th at 8:00 am. I ran this race last year for the first time and loved it {full recap here}.

Are you interested in joining me to run the Chicago Run 10 Feed 10 10k race? Use the code R10F10PR for $5 off registration. Register for the race here.

There is also an opportunity to run your own Run 10 Feed 10 race to support this wonderful cause – find more information here.

4 Week 10k Training Plan*

Week 1:

  • Interval training class
  • Run 3.5 miles
  • Long run – 5 miles
  • Run 4 miles

Week 2:

  • Run 3 miles + hills
  • Run 4 miles
  • Long run – 6 miles
  • Yoga class

Week 3:

  • Run 5 miles
  • Run 3.5 miles + hills
  • Cross training (bike)
  • Long run – 7 miles

Week 4:

  • Run 5 miles
  • Run 3 miles – intervals
  • Yoga class
  • 10k race!

Here is the Pinterest version:

For additional training options, check out Run 10 Feed 10’s beginner and intermediate training plans. Read more about Run 10 Feed 10 at

{Disclosure: I am a member of the Chicago VIP Team for the RUN10 FEED10 10k race. I received one free race registration in exchange for participating in this race. All text and opinions are my own.}

*Chicago Jogger is not a personal trainer or medical expert. The purpose of this post is to share a personal training plan that readers may find interesting. Please visit a doctor before starting any running or exercise plan. 

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