Humboldt Park 5k Race Recap

Sharing a race recap of the first Humboldt Park 5k race in Chicago, including a breakfast visit to The Boathouse Cafe in Humboldt Park.

At this time last year, I was training for the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15k race. In the past, I have made an effort to finish one long race every year, including the Soldier Field 10 Mile three times and the Chicago Half Marathon twice. I enjoy longer runs, but I also believe in the importance of listening to your body. Over the past few months I have been craving shorter runs instead of a longer race. I plan to include a few 10k races this fall, but I’m going to skip finishing a longer run this year. On that note, I’m sharing a photo recap of a brand new race in Chicago – the Humboldt Park 5k hosted by RAM Racing.

This 5k race was held this past Saturday morning in Humboldt Park, located on the west side of the city in a neighborhood of the same name. Humboldt Park is over 200 acres in size which is huge for Chicago! The race itself looped around Humboldt Park and didn’t include any street running, which I loved. The rainy weather kept a few people away from the start line, and K and I ended up waiting in the car until just a few minutes before the run. Thankfully the stormy weather lifted during the race and our only obstacle was dodging a puddle or two.

I don’t know if if was the cool weather or the rain letting up, but I ended up running my fastest 5k with a PR on Saturday! I’m not a sprinter, so I’m thrilled with any pace that averages under a 10:00/mile. K finished about 20 seconds ahead of me.

Humboldt Park 5k Race Results
Time – 28:50
Pace – 9:18/mile
Place – 208th out of 495 runners

We finished the morning meeting friends for brunch at The Boat House Cafe, located in the park. The Boat House Cafe opened in July inside a Chicago Park District building, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. {More info from Eater} I had an omelette and the best cup of coffee from the local Metropolis Coffee Company.

It may have rained again during breakfast…

Thankfully we were seated on the covered portion of the outdoor patio. I loved this cafe and race! I’ll definitely be back for round two next summer.

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