6 Layer Veggie Sandwich

This vegetarian recipe for 6 Layer Veggie Sandwiches is perfect for a hot summer day, with no oven required. Layer goat cheese, hummus, tomato, arugula, cucumber, and avocado together on multigrain bread for a healthy dinner.

We have reached peak summer temperatures here in Chicago, with a high in the upper 80’s all week. It’s supposed to reach 90 today and it’s so humid out there. The last thing I want to do when it’s steaming outdoors is turn on the oven – I’m sure you’re on the same page.

6 Layer Veggie Sandwiches to the rescue.

The layers in this summer sandwich include:
Goat cheese
Cucumber slices
Tomato slices

This veggie sandwich is packed with flavor, especially if you use goat cheese and/or hummus with a bit of extra kick. I prefer original hummus, but I like to use flavored goat cheese. Earlier this month when K and I were up in Door County {Wisconsin}, we brought home a container of Wild Ramp Goat Cheese from Door County Creamery, located in downtown Sister Bay, WI. I decided to use this flavored goat cheese in my veggie sandwiches and it did not disappoint – so delicious {this is not sponsored, I just love their products}!

The key to veggie sandwiches not falling apart is having a “binder” on each slice of bread – spread goat cheese on one slice and hummus and the other. Smash everything together and dinner is ready. Next time I’m planning to add heirloom tomatoes to kick things up a notch. When I first made this sandwich a few weeks ago, heirlooms weren’t available at the farmers market yet.

This is barely a recipe because it’s so easy to put together, but I wrote it out just in case 🙂 Stay cool out there!

6 Layer Veggie Sandwich
Yields: 4 sandwiches

8 slices of multi-grain bread
1 avocado
8 Tablespoons goat cheese {apx. 2 Tablespoons per sandwich}
8 Tablespoons hummus {apx. 2 Tablespoons per sandwich}
4 handfuls arugula
1 cucumber {sliced}
1 tomato {sliced}

How to~
*Toast your bread. Layer the sandwiches, spreading goat cheese on one slice of bread and hummus on the other slice. Add tomato slices, arugula, cucumber slices, and avocado.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: None
Total time: 10 minutes


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