Runner Advice: A Collection of Summer Running Tips.

Can you believe the summer solstice is almost here? Tomorrow is the longest day of the year, and I hope to enjoy it with a run and plenty of time outdoors. As we move into official summer days, it’s important to think about how to run in warmer weather. Back in April, I posted my first Runner Advice post: How do you fuel before a race? Now is the perfect time to ask for more advice. The links below came from fellow running and/or fitness bloggers, who have great tips on how to stay safe {and enjoy!} running in the coming months.

Click on the linked articles and blogs below to read these fantastic tips.

Tips for Running in Warm Weather ~ Patty blogs at Reach Your Peak Ignite Your Passion

How to Stay Cool During Summer Runs ~ Lauren blogs at Breathe Deeply and Smile

Trick of the (summer) trade ~ Amanda blogs at Miss Zippy

6 simple tips on how to make time for running while kids are out of school ~ Lisa blogs at Run Wiki

8 Summer Running Tips ~ Debbie blogs at Coach Debbie Runs

My Dad’s Two Cents: Running in Hot Weather ~ Sharon blogs at Mommy Runs It

Here are a few more links to check out for even more summer running advice:

What to wear when running in the summer ~ Eric blogs at Dirty Old Sneakers 

My biggest two pieces of advice for summer running: 1) stay hydrated and 2) run early in the day before it gets too hot! Julie blogs at Girl on the Move

    8 tips for keeping your family hydrated this summer ~ Lisa blogs at Run Wiki

    A Reluctant Southern Girl’s Tips for Hot Weather Running ~  Erika blogs at MCM Mama Runs

    Summer Running Essentials ~ Melanie blogs at See Mommy Race

    How to Fuel for a Run, part 1 ~ Nicole blogs at Fitful Focus 

    Beginner’s Guide Part 3: Running in the Heat ~ Carmy, a Toronto-based running blogger

    Do you have any tips for running in the summer?

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