Motivation + Weekly Workouts.

Good morning! I’m drinking a new {to me} Trader Joe’s dark roast coffee blend, listening to the sound of construction on a house in the alley behind mine. It’s interesting because the house is gutted and we can see the new walls going up piece by piece. What’s not so interesting is the fact that construction starts at 8:00am on the dot on weekend mornings… at least it gives me more time for morning coffee!

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Besides coffee, there are a few other exciting things going on around here. One of my favorite parts of reading other healthy lifestyle and fitness blogs is workout recap posts. We’re all so incredibly busy for various reasons, and it’s inspiring to see how other people fit running and fitness activities into their daily lives. On that note, I was recently accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!

FitFluential Is Fitness Found

I’m honored to join a wonderful community of influential healthy lifestyle and fitness bloggers and continue on this path. For that reason, I’m planning to start posting workout re-caps more often, at least every other week. One of my goals in 2015 is to step out of my comfort zone and try different types of workouts. So far this month, I have tried four different classes and finished a personal training workout, along with a few outdoor and treadmill runs.

Week of January 1st:

  • Thursday 1/1: Ran 5 miles on a local trail
  • Friday 1/2: Ran to/from a 1 hour Piloxing workout class {2.5 miles}

Week of January 5th:

  • Monday 1/5: Ran 3 miles treadmill; 7 minute increasing speed/incline walking break; 10 minutes stairmaster; 6 sets of 15 squats; 3 planks, 45 seconds each
  • Wednesday 1/7: 20-30-10 Apartment Workout + 3 sets of 75 jumping jacks {between each 20-30-10 series}
  • Thursday 1/8: Weight lifting {arms, 3 sets} with 50 jumping jacks, 25 crunches, and a 30 second plank between each set
  • Friday 1/9: Ran 4 miles treadmill
  • Saturday 1/10: Core Vinyasa Yoga {1 hour}
  • Sunday 1/11: Vinyasa Yoga {75 minutes}

Week of January 12th:

  • Tuesday 1/13: 5 minute walking warm-up; ran 4.5 miles treadmill {increasing speed}; 5 minute walking cool-down {increasing speed/incline}
  • Thursday 1/15: Roc Me Out class {dance/core cardio; 1 hour}
  • Friday 1/16: Active rest; walked 3.5 miles
  • Saturday 1/17: Ran to/from 1 hour personal training class {5.25 miles} 

Since the temperature today is a balmy 30 degrees, I’m hoping to get outside for another run this afternoon to finish off the week. Follow my Running and Motivation boards on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Have a great Sunday!

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