Half Mile Interval Treadmill Run + Favorite Treadmill Workouts.

I don’t know about you, but I need a serious run today after Christmas cheer in the form of decadent meals, desserts and family parties daily over the past week! As a contributor to the NBC Chicago Stride blog, I wrote a post on 3 Tips for Winter Running earlier this month. One of those tips is to learn to love the treadmill. Perhaps the weather is not optimal for running wherever you are this week, or squeezing in a treadmill run in your parents’ basement is easier than finding time for a route outdoors. Either way, here is my latest treadmill run – a half mile interval workout that anyone can complete for a long or short run indoors.

To top it off, below are a few more of my favorite treadmill workouts from the past year. I hope runners will be motivated to try something new during this long holiday weekend. Happy running!

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