Hot Chocolate 15k Training Plan.

Now that the second week of September is officially here, it’s time to start thinking about training for fall races. The Chicago Hot Chocolate 15k/5k is coming up in just over two months! Today I’m sharing my nine week Hot Chocolate 15k Training Plan for this race.

I usually follow a 3x per week training plan for a race like this, for injury prevention and ease of scheduling. I run in events for fun and motivation, and I’ll be honest it’s generally hard to squeeze four decent runs into my weekly work schedule. However, I’m trying something new with this race and sprinkling in a few weeks with four runs instead of three. I’m also planning to lift weights or participate in an interval training class on a weekly basis.

I started week one earlier this evening with 3 miles. If you want to join the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15k/5k race this year, click here to register. Please enter the code ChiJogHat – registrants of the Chicago 15k or 5k race using this code will receive an extra in their race goodie bag, a Hot Chocolate hat. You will also help earn a free race entry giveaway to be hosted on Chicago Jogger – thanks for the support!  {Note: This 2014 race promotion has ended}

Here is the 15k training plan in text:

Week 1: Run 4 (long); Run 3 (intervals); Run 3.5 (maintain)
Week 2: Run 5 (long); Run 3.5 (intervals); Run 4 (maintain); Run 3 (easy)
Week 3: Run 6 (long); Run 3 (intervals); Run 4 (maintain)
Week 4: Run 7 (long); Run 3.5 (intervals); Run 5 (maintain)
Week 5: Run 4 (long); Run 3 (intervals); Run 4 (maintain); Run 3.5 (easy)
Week 6: Run 7 (long); Run 3.5 (intervals); Run 5 (maintain)
Week 7: Run 8 (long); Run 3 (intervals); Run 6 (maintain)
Week 8: Run 9 (long); Run 3.5 (intervals); Run 5 (maintain); Run 3 (easy)
Week 9: Run 4 (easy); Run 3.5 (maintain); Run 2 (easy); 15k race!

Speaking of chocolate, I have one more thing to share. I made S’mores Bars this past weekend for a friend’s barbeque, and I cannot rave enough about this recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff. I doubled the graham cracker cookie dough portion to make this in a 9×12 pan, and it could have used another jar of marshmallow fluff with no problem. Train hard, snack hard!

{Disclosure: I am posting information about the Chicago race for readers as part of the 2014 Hot Chocolate Blog Ambassador program.}

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