Door County Trail Run

K and I spent a few days in Wisconsin over the weekend, visiting one of our favorite places – Door County. I have written about DC before {see this cherry cobbler recipe and peak color photos in Peninsula State Park}, but this was our first trip up north since last summer.

The weather was chilly but sunny, and it was a great opportunity to hang out with family and spend time outdoors. We went on a long bike ride on Saturday afternoon, and completed a trail run in the woods on Sunday morning at Newport State Park.

The park is located on the north end of the Door County peninsula, and is open all year. Outdoor activities include hiking, off-road biking, camping, snow-shoeing, and swimming. This was my first ever trail run. It was wonderful to run among the trees and not worry about stopping every few blocks for a stop sign or passing cars.

There are five trails in the park. The best trails for running at Newport are those marked for off-road biking and hiking. Trails marked for hiking only are quite a bit rockier and narrow {not ideal for first-time trail runners}. However, I’m sure seasoned trail runners would love the rocky trails. We finished a 4.7 mile loop, running on parts of the Rowley’s Bay, Newport, and Monarch trails.

After the run, we stopped for a few minutes at the beach to check out the views and finished with sandwiches and goat milk gelato at Door County Creamery. I tried the roasted almond & fig flavor… I can’t recommend this place enough! Until next time.

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