10 Mile Training Plan.

Good morning! How was your weekend?

K and I went on a short road trip to the Cleveland area to visit friends. The weekend involved a lot of time outside, a yoga class and two runs, drinks, a visit to the West Side Market, the Market Garden Brewery, delicious dinners, and games with great company. Oh, and 60-70+ degree temperatures. It was bliss.

This week looks like a rainy and blustery one to start, but I’m hoping to fit in a few runs outside. In six short weeks I run the Soldier Field 10 Mile race, and I’ve been thinking it’s time to keep track of a training schedule. Here goes:

This is an intermediate training plan based on my running efforts for the past year. As I have written about before in the 6 Week Endurance Challenge, I only run three times per week to avoid injury and maintain the best fitness level possible as a casual runner. I also plan to fit in a sculpt class once a week, and another short weight lifting session if I have time.

Here is the text version of my running plan:

10 Mile Training Plan

Week 1: 3.5 miles intervals; 3 miles maintenance; 4 miles long run
Week 2: 3 miles intervals; 4 miles maintenance; 5 miles long run
Week 3: 3.5 miles intervals; 5 miles maintenance; 6 miles long run
Week 4: 3 miles intervals; 5 miles maintenance; 7 miles long run
Week 5: 3 miles intervals; 6 miles maintenance; 9 miles long run
Week 6: 3.5 miles intervals; 4 miles maintenance; 10 mile race!

Hal Higdon also has longer ten week plans for a 15k/10 mile race if you are looking for a novice plan or a more advanced plan.

Have you ever run a 10 mile race?

Disclaimer: Chicago Jogger is not a personal trainer, registered dietician, or fitness expert. The purpose of this blog is to share recipes and personal workouts that readers may find interesting. Please visit a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan. 

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