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5 Mile Treadmill Run.

Happy Friday!

I started off the week with this treadmill workout, with the goal of reaching five miles and burning off at least one piece of pumpkin pie {maybe}. I can’t remember the last time I ran a full five on a treadmill – it has been years! Thankfully it went by quickly with the help of HGTV and Pandora holiday stations. Yes, at the same time.

I also made one of my first holiday crafts this week – using Martha Stewart’s Pinecone Wreath Step-by-Step Instructions. Making this wreath only cost $3, and it was so much fun. I used a single wreath form instead of double, and approximately 75 feet of floral wire. I left out adding a ribbon on the top and used copper wire instead. The pinecones came from my grandfather’s yard and my parents’ yard, foraged while home for Thanksgiving.

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