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45 Minute Treadmill Run.

Happy Monday y’all!

I can say “y’all” this one time because my husband and I are leaving for vacation later this week, a long weekend trip to the south to attend a family wedding. I am so excited to eat delicious southern food and soak up new surroundings for a few days!

On the fitness front, I am trying to work up my speed on the treadmill this month. This workout sets a very modest pace increase, but I love that the constant changes in time and speed made this workout go by quickly. My goal is to get to the point where I can run intervals easily at 6.0 and above. I’m hoping to squeeze in this run again before we leave on our trip.

I have also been looking for articles about running intervals – this seems like the best way to try increasing my speed on the treadmill. Here are a few interesting links:

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